What matters to us the most

is the indulgence of our customers and their perspective on our services.

When I first conducted my research to find a reputable graphic design office, to which I had to trust my corporate identity, I have to confess, I did not expect to stay that lucky. The fist approach was with Margarita, who very soon discovered my needs and realized my vision and the image I wanted to show.

Concurrently, along with Vasilis and Zissis we started organizing the e-shop, which de facto required a very good investigation of my needs, immediacy, good coordination, consistency and professionalism.

Apart from these, the characteristics that distinguish the creative agency Designous are the courtesy, the intimacy, and the patience of the team, won me over and appeased me several times, since the project was great and demanded my own participation.

The outcome was superb and that is proven daily by the very good reviews I get from my clients and generally by my partners

Evi Karampela Mariquita – Thessaloniki

Having conducted a big research on the market, having met Designous, without a second thought, I decided to let them design my new website.

We had an unbelievable cooperation and the outcome was magnificent! They understood from the very first moment what I had in mind and curated even the smallest specificity I asked for!

All of them are very punctual, cooperative and after communicating with them, you can feel that one completes the other, that’s what team work is all about! The webpage was promptly ready, much sooner than I had expected. I think I was the one to delay them, while having to gather the necessary material! Continue to be creative!! Thank you!!!

Maria Sfakianaki Wedding planner – Santorini

The progression of a company, is based on the goodwill that is created through the cooperation.

So, we, as a company that firmly believes in this, we have chosen “Designous” to join our team with the purpose of redeveloping our corporate identity. “DILIGENCE” is the noun that fully describes the level of cooperation and the quality that one rarely meets nowadays.

Due to professional tautness, there were moments of delay from us regarding the provision of the material, yet the impeccable associates were there to remind us of this pending day after day, having already been payed for the work assigned to them!!!

We believe that nowadays, this is something that is hard to come by. The sense of responsibility that characterizes them, is scarce.

Furthermore, we would also like to mention that the price level is really reasonable and does not discourage a “small” business from acquiring a “big” corporate identity

Manolis Giannopoulos The Bistro – Vrahati

Another fascinating cooperation with Designous was completed in the best way! I enjoyed every moment of our communication since it was extremely constructive and pleasant. They helped me a lot with their suggestions and their advices regarding the presentation of my work.

Extra bonus is their great knowledge of trends in the field of photography, which from the beginning, made me feel confident about the outcome.

The fact that the project was delivered on the scheduled delivery date, is something that is particularly appreciated by a professional, whose job depends heavily on the internet. Highly recommended

Xristos Mavraganis Photographer – Kiato

There comes the time when you start making your dream come true. A dream you want to share and show in the best way.

I am very pleased to have found, as allies in this effort, the charismatic team of Designous. They listened to my needs and desires with great professionalism and creativity and that already come out from the first result. And the cooperation continues…

(Special thanks to the organizing and communicative Vasilis and the goddess of ideas, lines and colors Margarita)

Konstantina Georga Pathologist – Kiato

It is rare to find collaborators who can fully embody what you have in mind just as an idea.

The creative agency Designous, designed the corporate identity of the Corinthian Wine Club so successfully that it became a hallmark of the wine community in Corinthia.

This creative co-existence, was captured by the team’s excellent communication, the sense of professionalism and the common delicate taste… we have them with us and will have them with us on our next wine tours

Ioanna Davleri Corinthian Wine Club – Korinth

I discovered Designous team through the internet when I searched for a creative agency. At the beginning, I was skeptical, first of all because I did not know them and secondly because I was not sure that the whole project of designing a logo and a corporate identity from distance could be achieved.

The outcome, however, exceeded every expectation. They are professionals. Regarding consistency, which matters to me, they where flawless. Margarita, who designed the logo, was perfectly cooperative and never complained about the changes that I constantly made.

During the printing process, which I also entrusted them, one or two defects that arose, without a second thought, they insisted on reprinting (without additional charges, of course).

The result of their whole work was immaculate! In case I ever need something again, I will certainly appeal to the Designous team

Maria Mpalta My name is – Thessaloniki

I had the chance to work with Designous team few times in the last 2 years.

Margarita did amazing job designing our labels for some Raw Smoothies, the colours and the quality were exactly what we were looking for, the result was bright and elegant! All our customers loved them!

Her designs help us to improve our company image, as all the flyers she is making for us have a cheerful style that attracts our customers (and not only) attention. Designous has the ability take a small idea and transform it to an incredible design of any kind.

I am so grateful I have the chance to work with such an amazing team, which I could recommend to anyone with no doubt. Thank you Designous!

Angie Kitsou Nosh Detox – London

Impeccable professionals with absolute consistency in project implementation and delivery times.

Equally important is the fact that the quality of services they offer, is at high levels both on issues that concern sites, social media etc. as well as designing any kind of logo, packaging or print.

In a nutshell, the collaboration with Designous team, gives modern and innovative solutions to all issues related to communication and promotion of your business and your products or services

Nikos Provis Erymanthos Water – Loutraki

As a creator of handmade jewel and since I am getting ready to start my Etsy-shop and enter the difficult and competitive digital market, I emphasize on visual communication, as in our time, this factor is a basic prerequisite for success.

When I first saw the work of Designous on their site and the way they handle each project, I was definite that we could have a very good and constructive collaboration and indeed in the end, I proved myself right. Everything was done on time and Margarita worked with great care on the logo, which was the most difficult part of the project.

Having completed my original idea and having redesigned my logo, my business card and my thank you card, I now have set strong bases that are necessary so that my project, will stand a good chance of success.

Dionisis Logothetis Handmade – Leukada

Our collaboration with Designous, began along with the opening of our business in Thessaloniki at 2014.

Margarita, curated the design of the logo, the packaging, the forms and also the inscriptions. Since 2016, they have taken over the social media marketing of our company, with great success. Whatever we need, we assign it to Designous and we are absolutely satisfied from our cooperation.

Even though we are 600 kilometers away, whenever we need them, they are always there for us.

Xristos Pantos Traditionale – Thessaloniki

I met the Designous team at the opening of the first Paty’s Handmade, at first, timidly but not sloppily, they helped me give a style to my new store and through very nice ideas, show the world what I wanted…

Over the years, however, we became friends and continued our collaboration at the new Paty’s Handmade!!! All these times, I did not have to say a lot, since Margarita, with her incredible talent, always created amazing designs and had wonderful suggestions.

The time had come for me to build a new updated site and no one else could make this happen better than the team of Designous!! And of course, we go on…
The work of the guys is outstanding with innovative ideas, flawless professionalism, consistency and quality in whatever they do!!

Trust the Designous team and stay 1000% satisfied!! Thank you very much!!!

Giota Konstantinidi Event planner – Kiato

I would like to congratulate all of you, you are professionals with consistency and full of creativity.

Your human resource is exceptional, you have excellent establishment on your field and you are always helpful.

You designed my business cards and also my project labels, exactly as I have imagined. Keep up the good work.

Eleni Fountou Le Petit Lab – Nauplio

Thank you very much for everything!!

I am blissful with the result, happy and friendly environment!!

I was impressed with the immediate response in everything and the complete understanding of what I am asking for!! Good luck!!

Konstantina Syngiridi Architect – Mykonos

My collaboration with Designous on the redesign of the logo, on the labels of the packages for olive oil and on the design of the company’s website, has been a pleasant experience as we have had communication on a regular basis, there was strict adherence to timetables and professionalism in the whole implementation of the project

Giannis Lalousis – Zeugolatio

Superb work and excellent cooperation! Along with the team of Designous, we worked together, to redesign my website, which turned out to be exactly as I had imagined!

During our collaboration, the ideas did not stop and the whole team provided impeccable service and professionalism.

It was a great pleasure to have worked with them and I recommend them unreservedly

Nefeli Maggalousi Photographer – Korinth

Excellent collaboration and immaculate work!

We worked together in order to create a corporate identity and a website and I have to say that I am more than satisfied.

Excellent environment, professionalism, quick service and innovative ideas. That is what a business needs for its promotion.

Stamatis Moraitis Winemaker – Nemea

Designous is a modern, fresh and very creative company.

We brainstormed together, they came with great ideas and options which resulted in brilliant business cards for a reasonable price. I got so much positive feedback on the cards. The high quality and colorful cards really are an eyecatcher.

Working with them is very relaxed. A truly nice company!

Natascha Duetz ND Unlimited – Netherlands

From the very first moment I saw Designous’s work, without a second thought, I realized I had found the collaborators I have been looking for, to implement, as it turned out to be, perfectly and without any compromise, just what I had in mind.

Special thanks to you guys, keep up the good work.

Dimitris Alexandrakis Photographer – Sparti

We have been working together with Designous from 2014 and our cooperation is impeccable.

They emphasize on the aesthetics and strictly adhere to timetables. We utterly trust them and because of that, they are our fist choice in every business activity

Petros Kavetsos Grand Juicy – Xilokastro

Amazing work, immaculate collaboration, incredible understanding of what I ask for-how I want it etc. and fantastic outcome.

Thank you, Margarita and all the versatile team, of yours for this unique result! I am absolutely satisfied.

Rena Skourti Hairstylist – Santorini

The collaboration with Designous, is truly substantial and stands out for its creativity and the immaculate outcome.

It is the secure partner who will always find the right solution!!!

Vangelis Katsikas Kentrikon – Perigiali

Amazing work, at all aspects with a high expectation result.

Immaculate organizing, always promptly on delivery time and the most significant, quick understanding and adaptation to the needs of the businessman.

Georgios Tselonis Pastry Chef – Korinth

Exceptional team. Always at our disposal for any information or redevelopment we will need on our site.

All of them are very cooperative with original and competitive ideas. Thank you Designous team!

Anna Spyrakou – Korinthia

We would like to thank designous for the immediate completion of our winery’s new website.

The outcome satisfied us the most and it was better than what we expected, the delivery was right on schedule.

They faced our collaboration with proffesionalism, responsibility and that is something we would like to congratulate them for.

Vasiliki Palivou Palivou Estate – Nemea

Αs a confectioner, I live in a universe where time stops in front of a marise, a foe and a lot of chocolate! For me, to synchronize with the rhythms of Designous, was the most difficult part.

My own meaning of promptly, was for Vasilis and Margarita, the meaning of yesterday! They were more than consistent and made sure to keep in touch with me by any means: email, phone, meeting.

With moderate to failed collaborations in the past, their professionalism and passion for a perfect result quickly emerged! Thank you, team Designous. I look forward to the next project!

Chalikia Ioanna Edelwais – Corinth

Designous team was superb in all the meaning of the word. We decided to create an e-shop for our brand that would be minimal, friendly to the audience and would represent our company’s style.

The Designous team, made our desires and thoughts come true. Throughout the process, they were beside us, solving our questions, improving our basic aesthetics and functional details of the site and more significantly, designing a website that represents us and is more than worthy of our expectations. The team is skillful, utterly professional, with fresh ideas and more importantly amenable to help you with whatever arises.

Well done. I hope they have the best on their way, because they really deserve it!

Tonia Tsami – Athens
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