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Le petit LAB – Natural cosmetics


Eleni Fountou produces herbal toiletries since 2014. She recently launched a complete line of cosmetics products inspired by nature.

Designous designed the logo, labels and packaging of this new product line in a more innovative and alternative way. The logo is enclosed within a circle, a technique that focuses on the internal content and then the cyrcle is in turn integrated into a rhombus. This sophisticated yet friendly structure reminds us that we are part of an ecosystem that should be maintained in a stable balance. The picture of a small living seed that takes the form of two leaves paralleled the progress of promising startups.

The same reasoning was followed in the design of the label where the black background used to highlight content and different colors in every product so that it is in harmony with the product and the overall concept.


Kind words

I would like to congratulate all of you, you are professionals with consistency and full of creativity.

Your human resource is exceptional, you have excellent establishment on your field and you are always helpful. You designed my business cards and also my project labels, exactly as I have imagined.

Keep up the good work

Eleni Fountou
Pharmacist Le Petit Lab

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