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Grand Juicy – Homemade Juices


The requested plan

The design of a logo and packaging for a range of homemade juices from Xylokastro

The story

The Grand company, started the production of homemade ice cream, with raw materials based on fresh milk and fruit. Up until now, an extremely ascendant course has been set, turning the company into Franchise and conquering the market. Based on the success of this concept, Grand, has decided to enrich both its brand and its production. Today, the company introduces its self again as Grand juicy and has 6 different labels that correspond to 6 wonderful, distinct tastes for all the preferences.

In the private properties of the company, the best in quality lemons are selected, while the other fruits used for the products are supplied by the company from the wider region of Corinth, from selected producers of trust. It offers a variety of choices such as lemonade with Chios mastiha, lemonade with ginger, apple and bergamot tea, apple and cinnamon tea, pomegranate tea and crimson, that stimulate great sensibilities to the palate.

Spitikoi Xumoi Grand Juicy Etairiki Tautotita Kai Suskeuasia (9)


Spitikoi Xumoi Grand Juicy Etairiki Tautotita Kai Suskeuasia (10)

The visual depiction

Designous, wanting to give prominence to the Grand juicy company in the best possible way and increase its dynamics, covenanted to form the branding of the company. Driven by the style and the philosophy of the company, the Designous team, designed the logo, the corporate identity, the necessary promotional material (the product catalog, the brochure, stands) etc. and of course the design of the labels for all the products.

The logo is semiotic as it expounds the fruits used to produce the homemade juices and beverages. Regarding the package design, emphasis was given to the black color in order to give depth and create a sense of severity and reliability. The contrast between white and black confects a strong impression and combined with the rest of the color pallet of warm colors used, delivers a clear message to the consumer, flooding him with pleasant emotions. The font that is selected in the label titles as well as in the logo is handwritten in order to interrelate with the handmade juices.

Spitikoi Xumoi Grand Juicy Etairiki Tautotita Kai Suskeuasia (8)
Spitikoi Xumoi Grand Juicy Etairiki Tautotita Kai Suskeuasia (6)


Kind words

We have been working together with Designous from 2014 and our cooperation is impeccable.

They emphasize on the aesthetics and strictly adhere to timetables. We utterly trust them and because of that, they are our fist choice in every business activity

Petros Kavetsos
Grand Juicy
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