The requested plan

The rebranding of the company’s corporate identity and also the designing and development of the website with the ultimate goal of empowering the brand.

The story

Lena Karavani, graduate of the department of Physical Education & Sports Science and owner of a variety of titles, accomplished a dynamic start by opening a new fitness hall in Velo Korinthias. “Factory Dance & Fitness”, the new attainment, composes a factory of physical well-being and mental upheaval, movement and treatment that offers a series of comprehensive and certified programs both to kids and adults. She works daily full of energy and stubbornness in order to help you acquire the best possible physical condition.

Etairiki Tautotita The Factory (1)


Lena Karavani Thefactorykorinthia Branding Website6

The visual depiction

The rebranding of the logo, depicts a couple that moves harmoniously through a dance rhythm. Their movements are graceful, so that they come across as a physical and mental uplift, while the formation of the bodies in a free dimension, imprints the initial letters of the owner’s name (L.K).

The yellow color, which was used as a basis for the design of the corporate identity, transfuses joy, vitality and optimism and encourages the trainee to take action. The corporate identity included the following applications: (brochure, cards, envelopes, letterhead, folder).

Lena Karavani Thefactorykorinthia Branding Website5
Lena Karavani Thefactorykorinthia Branding Website3


In addition to the printed presentation, Designous also overtook the enhancement of the online presentation of the fitness hall.

This was achieved by creating the new website, where all the necessary information for the trainees and the interested parties are provided.




Lena Karavani Thefactorykorinthia Branding Website1
Lena Karavani Thefactorykorinthia Branding Website2
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