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Chicard – Fashion e-shop


The requested plan

The design of an eshop for the company,, which is active in the field of women’s fashion.

The story

The Chicard company, is a women’s apparel industry that creates and supplies selected stores both in Greece and abroad. It collects the best raw materials from all over Europe and studies every stage of production thoroughly in order to deliver to the female gender the best. The clothes it designs, address to vigorous, modern women of several ages, with peculiar aesthetics, who want to stand out. It glorifies the female gender with unique pieces, capable of being worn at all times and for any occasion.

Chicard Fashionshop Designous Website 1


Chicard Fashionshop Designous Website 4

The visual depiction

Designous, has taken on with great pleasure, the design of the eshop, having in mind the philosophy and the sophisticated style of the store. The eshop, has been designed in order to highlight the uniqueness of the handcrafted and distinctive creations, displaying in the most representative way the compositions, colors and quality of the garments.

The white background, balances between a perfectly structured outcome and a sense of purity and stylish design while meeting all the specifications for a 100% responsive experience. Product categorization is based on size, color, type and also the price and classification filters that have been placed to make browsing even easier for the visitor. At the same time, the appropriate Call to Action buttons were used to appeal to the visitor-consumer and make him act upon the desired actions.

Chicard Fashionshop Designous Website 2
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