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Isola – Apartments


The requested plan

The design of Isola apartments’ corporate identity (business cards, letterhead, folders and tourist guide) oriented in Kamari Corinthias.

The story

Isola, is a modern apartment complex, featuring a range of amenities. Located by the sea, 5 km away from Xylokastro and very close both to Patra and Athens, it combines simplicity with luxury, in order to offer its guests unique moments of relaxation and mental uplift.
The inspiration of the name Isola, came from the former name of the region, the “island”.

Isola Designous Branding2


Rebranding Gia Ksenona Kiato

The visual depiction

Designous, accepted the responsibility of designing Isola’s corporate identity, highlighting all those points that make this complex unique in the region. For the design of the cards and envelopes, the white, gray and yellow colors were used in a sophisticated minimalistic style. The white color, was used in order to give the element of purity that Isola apartments possess, the gray color in order to attribute severity, while the yellow color that derives warmth, is sensuous and was used as a direct correlation with the sun.

Logotupo Branding Gia Ksenodoxeio
Isola Ksenonas Rebranding Designous
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