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Wedding Photographers
Wedding Videographers
Wedding Planners
Wedding Venues
Hair styling / Makeup
Wedding Clothing
Wedding Decoration
Bar / Catering / DJs

The wedding industry is overly competitive and is characterized by high quality services provided by most professionals in the field.

The differentiation though of a good wedding professional has to do with the first image one will form. Whether you own a physical store or not, is of little importance now that everything is done online.

At Designous, we believe that the overall image of a professional in combination with the quality work he provides plays a key role in his differentiation, with the ultimate goal of obtaining more and of better quality projects.

Our team undertakes the logo designing and the website creation for every professional in the wedding industry and guarantees that the professional will become more powerful and more recognizable in the market, will be active throughout Greece, in the most beautiful destinations and why not in many parts of the world.


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We have created 3 packages with different benefits and costs in order to adequately cover all your needs. Find the one which suits you the most!

If what you need is not covered in a package, then we will configure a customized package for you. Moreover, if you do not need a benefit package at the moment, contact us to make the appropriate adjustment of benefits and costs.

1 Logo design
2 Logo presentation proposals
3 Set number for changes, modifications or corrections
4 Research and study of object of activity, target group and competition
5 Business card design
6 Proposal template design (up to 4 pages)
7 Professional folder design
8 Mail envelope design
9 Email signature design
10 Icon & cover design for social media
11 Brochure design (up to 4 pages)
12 Signage design or promotional gifts
13 Logo color coding & guide
14 Delivery of closed files in pdf, png, jpg format
15 Delivery of open files in ai or psd format
16 People working on the project
17 Estimate of working hours
18 Estimated time of delivery (in weeks)


A package ideal for professionals who are just starting out and are not ready to move on with the designing of a corporate identity.
With this package, you will create a proper basis for your brand and you will acquire, one of the most important elements of your representation – the logo.


This package is more than just a logo.
It is certainly not as complete as the integrated corporate identity design, but it is ideal for professionals who want to have a uniform visual image, which they will use as a driving force for further development.


This package fully highlights the style of a professional and creates a fully integrated image, consolidating it in a dynamic way in the market.

It is ideal for businesses that want a complete corporate identity, perfectly tailored to their services or products.

Web Design
Web Design
1 WordPress website in Flothemes or ThemeForest template
2 Web Design adapted to the capabilities of the template
3 Custom Web Design fully adapted to your brand
4 Presentation of graphics directly in the template
5 Presentation of graphics before the implementation of the website
6 Responsive design for all devices (phones, tablets)
7 Optimal speed on all devices
8 Content display languages
9 Application of basic SEO techniques in images and urls
10 Ability to add a members area
11 Number of pages in the main menu categories
έως 4
έως 6
έως 8
12 Number of pages in the subcategories of the menu
έως 2
έως 4
13 Images, projects or articles entry from us
έως 10
έως 20
έως 30
14 Compression of files for fast loading
15 Connection to Facebook/Instagram
16 Connection to Google Analytics & Google Search Console
17 Connection to an email collection platform (Newsletter)
18 Online content management instructions
19 Platform management training (in hours)
έως 1
έως 2
έως 4
20 Free consulting for writing content
21 Free technical support (in months)
22 People working on the project
23 Estimate of working hours
24 Estimated time of delivery (in weeks)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to have a complete corporate identity or is just the logo enough?

    The image of a professional should be very metiulous. A good image helps the professional and his business become visible to the right audience, gain reputation and create positive emotions, both for the clients and the partners.

    At Designous, we place special emphasis on the image of the brand. We believe that it should tell the story behind the idea, reflecting the approach and aesthetics of each profession. Based on this, we design the logo in the most representative way and create a perfectly harmonized corporate identity.

    Is it essential for me to have a website?

    Let your brand speak for you 24/7, going beyond the geographical limits of your area. A modern well-designed, impressive website transfuses prestige to your brand and your work, while evoking the feeling of trust and security to its visitors.

    We, on our part, make sure that you have in your hands a modern, elegant and responsive website, which will make you more recognizable.

    My logo is kind of outdated. Do I need to rebrand?

    Every renewal revitalizes us and makes us feel fresh, stronger and more optimistic. The same goes for brands! If you feel that your logo is old, then surely your customers think the same. It’s time to bring new life into your image, redesigning your overall brand identity. This will help you to re-enter the market and not stay behind or stagnant for years.

    What would you advise me to do in order to better build my portfolio?

    The appearance of the portfolio is the power of your image. The most important thing is to “build” a strong portfolio → TO DO: Do not include similar images, be terse, choose photos representative of your style (the client will choose you for your style and aesthetics after all) and enrich the content frequently.

    What more does your agency provide than other agencies?

    At Designous, we specialize in the field, having created a visual identity for a wide range of photographers, videographers, event planners etc. We respect your wishes, your vision and goals. We study the philosophy, the aesthetics and the values of your business, which we transform into a useful message of communication of unparalleled design. We focus on quality and modern design, shaping your unique corporate identity in order to stand out in the market.

    How long does it take for my project to be completed?

    The maximum expected time for your project presentation is up to 4 weeks, as long as you are fully prepared with the organizing of the material and promptly available for communication. After the presentation of the plans and the necessary corrections, within 1 week, you will have received the final plans. We make sure that we are always on time, consistent with our obligations, in order to ensure a great cooperation.

    In case the final outcome does not fully satisfy me, what do we do?

    With the right brief, the communication and the questionnaire that you complete before the design, we fully understand your style and preferences. So the margin of deviation is very small. But even if any deviation occurs, we will work together to get the result that will satisfy you completely.

    To whom do the work rights belong to?

    Once your project is delivered and repaid, you are automatically given all rights to use it. What we create is personalized for you, expresses your business and can only give real value to you.

    My business operates in a different country/city. Will a smooth cooperation be possible between us?

    Of course, we can work together, as well as we could have worked while being in the same city. We successfully undertake projects for companies both in Greece and abroad. Besides, 90% of the communication with our customers is conducted via email, phone, Skype or Viber.

    How do we start our collaboration?

    If you are really interested in proceeding with your work, then contact us today, in whatever way is convenient for you. We, then, will ensure that the necessary material needed for your project, will be collected. Soon after, with a specific methodology, we start designing and implementing your work and on the basis of it, we build a long-lasting collaboration between us.

    Service for us means immediacy!

    Should we call you?

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