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Website in 1 month ?! – And yet it is possible!

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Minimal web design

In this article, we present the methodology we follow as Designous and we manage within 30 days to deliver a complete website.

And now you wonder, but in 1 month?

Yes! With the right organizing everything is possible!

Website creation – Stages

How we do it:
9 + 1 stages for absolute success in website creation:

  • 1st stage: First meeting – hello
    At first, we set up an appointment/ meeting with the client, where after a thorough discussion, we gather information about the business philosophy.
  • 2nd stage: Offer acceptance – I do
    Then, after accepting the offer and the terms of collaboration, the customer receives the time schedule * (see image), on which we will rely, so that he knows, at any time, what stage we are in.
  • 3rd stage: Send brief – keep in touch
    Through a specially designed questionnaire (brief), the client states his wishes regarding the website creation (within 2 days). We are in constant contact for clarifications. At this stage we proceed to the domain name purchase if it does not exist and the change of nameservers (within 1 day).
  • 4th stage: Content organization – on schedule
    We organize the content and configure sitemap and wireframe, which we present to the customer for approval and changes. That needs to be completed within 2 days in order to be on schedule.
    The customer, at this stage, sends to us the logo, texts, photos, videos, blog articles, newsletters and whatever else is available (within 7 days). We share those files through folders in Google Drive, for our own and also client’s convenience.
    This stage is crucial, as in order the project to be on schedule, the early provision of all content by the customer is required. Obstruction and procrastination are usually observed here.
  • 5th stage: Design – details matter
    Here, the responsible department undertakes the website design, selecting fonts, colors, photos and icons, adapted to the brand. At this point, every detail counts. Graphics and layouts are presented (within 7 days) and comments and changes are mentioned by the client (within 3 days). We are in constant communication with the client, throughout the design phase.
  • 6th stage: Implementation – time for coding
    At this stage, the web development department takes the reins. When developing a website, we emphasize on the detail, ensuring the whole presented website is elegant, modern and functional.
  • 7th stage: Presentation – first impression
    After performing an extensive inspection of the website/ eshop, we present it to the client for a first impression. Here, the client can make corrections, functionality checks, comments and approval of the final form.
  • Stage 8: Final revisions – final countdown
    After the last suggestions of the client, we proceed to the final revisions. We carry out checks on all devices, so that the website is 100% responsive and offers a pleasant navigation experience.
  • 9th stage: Training – made easy
    At this stage, we train the customer step by step in the management of the website/ eshop, showing everything that needs to be known (key points) in the easiest and most practical way.
  • 10th stage: Delivery – launch
    Completion and delivery of the project to the client. Here we come to the end, where the idea essentially takes its final form and is “launched” in the online market.
Dimiourgia Website Vimata
Project’s Time Schedule

All the above stages are required for the seamless collaboration and on time delivery of the project.

Why us?

At Designous, we create custom, minimal and modern websites, in harmony with the corporate identity of the company.

We have the know-how.

• ❯ Do you need a fast and professional website/ eshop? We can help!

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