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Building your own representative website is a matter that we take really seriously.

Your website is a remarkable business investment. It should be up to date following the trends and using the best tools. That will help you ensure that its designed to express your own business, accomplish the results you want to achieve and turn customers into loyal followers.

Our development team creates the design, the functionalities, and the structure using cutting edge technology & best practices to create effective and aesthetically pleasing websites that are aligned with your audience’s needs. Our designs are fully responsive for mobile, tablet & desktop with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results.
We are focusing on functional, yet beautiful design with rich, memorable website experiences. We have the knowledge to improve website performance and integrate new website features and functionalities that will continue to upgrade and expand your website.

SEO friendly and properly optimized which in combination lead to better search result rankings and user experience. They are also unique as they reflect your specific needs and personality and the design won’t ever be shared with another company.

The methodology



We discuss together and we ask you some questions regarding the nature of your business, your action, the audience you are addressing and the style that you would like your new website to have.

In addition, we clarify in which category your website will be included, whether it will be an eshop, a corporate website or a blog. Finally, we define the goals and the needs of your business, tailored to the trends of modern times.



We conduct a research on the dynamics of the market and the competition, in order to offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing website.

We collect data about the specific features that discern your business and distinguish you from competition.

Then, we include these features in the creating of your website, pointing them out in the best possible way.

Our aim: the original design, the accurate optimization and the personalization of the website, responding to your real needs.

Organizing material


After the thorough research, we begin to organize the material we have gathered and the material the customer has send to us (photos, texts, products etc).

The files are stored online in cloud and we share folders with the client so that he has direct access to the material, without having to exchange dozens of emails for gathering the material.

We then design the appropriate sitemaps, initially by hand and then in an electronic form, which we give to the customer, for the first approval before we proceed to the design of the website.



During the design phase, we select the structure of the website on which we will rely on and which we have already agreed with the customer.

We import the fonts and the colors that derive from the corporate identity of the company, making sure that they are in full sequence with each other. The photos of the website, come either from a photoshoot, or from the internet.

We then choose the icons that will make the website unique and harmonious to the style of the company. We use the appropriate background so that the website is legible and clear. In the case of an eshop, we make sure that the user can easily make a purchase.



Once we the above steps have been completed, we perform extensive control over the entire structure of the website and then present it to the customer. The website or the eshop have been designed on the basis of what we have discussed during our contact with the customer.

We emphasize on detail and make sure that the design of the website is esthetically appealing and modern. At the presentation stage, the customer has the ability to make minor modifications to the content so that it is precisely tailored to your business.

In addition, we ask the customer to make an extensive inspection over all of the content on the website, in order to confirm that there is no omission and to compile something else in case needed.



Having completed the latest customer suggestions, we proceed in to the optimizing of the functionality of the site, as well as the ultimate control over SEO and keywords, so that the website can meet search engine criteria.

In addition, we perform a technical test on all devices in order to be 100% responsive and offer the user a pleasant navigation experience (UX) and make him interact and reach the desirable for the business point (UI), through the appropriate Call to action buttons.


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