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Search Engine Optimization

Are you wondering “what is SEO”? Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a set of actions that helps the ranking of a website or an e-shop to get an optimal position in Google.

SEO services combined with content marketing are a complete digital marketing strategy that will improve your brand presence in search engines. A well-structured SEO strategy leads websites gradually to the first page of Google, resulting in increased traffic.

The key element of SEO strategy is to search & find the necessary SEO keywords that will be used appropriately in the content, so that during their search we achieve a high ranking in the organic results page of Google (SERPS).

SEO promotion

At Designous we undertake SEO services, utilizing all the optimization techniques of a website/e-shop, ensuring a high Google ranking.

We start with the company and the website analysis, the research and analysis of the competition and the recording of keywords. Then we perform a complete audit of the website (SEO Audit) and identify the strengths & weaknesses. We fully outline the online image of the company and based on the customer’s requirements we start the application of on-page SEO & off-page SEO practices, adapting our strategy accordingly. We monitor the course of our actions and make changes, always aiming at the continuous improvement of the brand and the goals that have been set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solve all your questions

Does my website need SEO?

The answer will be given to you by Google, searching for your product or service. If your website appears in the first results, then you do not need SEO. But if your competitors are appearing higher and you are much lower, SEO actions on your website or e-shop are necessary.

What are the benefits of SEO actions?

SEO improves a website’s ranking on Google, increasing traffic and strengthening the brand. When SEO services are implemented properly, they guarantee long-term results of increased website/e-shop traffic, as well as increased brand reliability. At the same time, you get visitors who avoid ads or have ad blockers.

Why should I trust Designous?

We are constantly monitoring the organic ranking as well as all the actions taken by your potential customers. We have the know-how and we improve the appearance of a page on Google and bring a high return on advertising investment (ROI).

How long does it take for a site to appear on the first pages of Google?

6 to 12 months is a reasonable time to get tangible results. We’ve seen several websites go up and down Google, appearing and disappearing without a trace. The SEO techniques we use are based on quality, efficiency and long-term stability.

What affects the ranking of a site on Google? Can we improve it?

The choice of keywords, the creation of content, the loading time of the website as well as the friendliness in the search results of Google, significantly affect the ranking of a site. They contribute to the increase of traffic and the acquisition of new customers.

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