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Charalambidis Patisserie


The design of a logo, packaging and also the rebranding of the Charalampidis patisserie at Vrachati.

Confectionery is a form of art and in particular the art of sweets. For over than 60 years, the Charalampidis patisserie preserves high quality in pastry making, using local, natural and fresh ingredients. Their extensive experience and dedication, ensure the satisfaction of your sweetest expectations.

The Pastry Shop Charalambidis contacted our office in order to rebrand the business and we accepted the invitation – challenge.

Visual depiction

Designous, embraced the philosophy and the status of the company, that is condemned by a tendency towards minimalism and sophisticated aesthetics. Based on this trend, we proceeded to the rebranding of the corporate identity of the Charalampidis patisserie (logo, business cards, packaging, inscription) etc. and preserving the history of the company, we updated the past style.

The cornea, which forms the logo of the company, was designed as a means of interconnection with the art of confectionery. It is intentionally framed with gold color and placed in a way that seems to point the letter i.

The printing design, free of any unnecessary details and is based on white and gold color, in order to transfuse harmony, equipoise, simplicity and clearness.
The polka dots, which were added irregularly, similar to the garnish of the cornea, gave the final touch to the boxes of sweets.

Charalambidis Zaxaroplasteio Branding Packaging3
Charalambidis Zaxaroplasteio Branding Etairiki Taytotita
Charalambidis Zaxaroplasteio Branding Business Cards
Charalambidis Zaxaroplasteio Branding Sign


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