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Anastasiou Wines

Since 1954, “Anastasiou Winery” based in Nemea, continues its journey into the world of flavors and aromas, offering unique wine experiences while maintaining both endless quality in production and authenticity in taste. It is a small family-run winery that aims to introduce wine-lovers and non- to the magical world of wine-making.

Visual depiction

“Anastasiou” Winery entrusted Designous with the design of the following wine labels: Apesa, Agiorgitiko, Syrah, Cabernet, Bam, Malagouzia, Malvasia which will be available in Greece and abroad.

We designed an interesting identity for the new labels, which represent the quality characteristics of each variety, uniquely highlighting the character of each wine separately. Our goal was to graphically represent the maturing environment of wines, always with respect to the production process.

In order to project the particularity of each variety, we chose the appropriate colors to give the full “body” (mouth & nose) to each label correspondingly. When designing the labels in particular, we focused on Syrah’s boldness, Roditi’s aromatic note, Cabernet’s ruby color, the elegance of Agiorgitiko, the expressive nose of Malagouzia, and the acidity of Assyrtiko.

The colors of the wine labels were chosen to express the feeling of the art of wine-tasting. The fonts are modern, harmoniously combining though the traditional and timeless style of the business.

In total, the design of the labels exudes prestige and elegance, delivering a sense of affordable luxury.

Anastasiou Wines 1 Bam
Anastasiou Wines 2 Syrah
Anastasiou Wines 3 Cabernet
Anastasiou Wines 4 Apesa Roditis
Anastasiou Wines 5 Agiorgitiko
Anastasiou Wines 6 Malvasia
Anastasiou Wines 7 Apesa Red
Anastasiou Wines 8 Malagouzia

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