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Hera’s Weddings Event Planner

The requested plan

The logo design and the website design for “Hera’s weddings”.

The story

The event planner, describes herself as enthusiastic, passionate and creative while she insists that the couples are an inspiration for her. She deals with each ceremony differently and focuses on ensuring a flawless, both aesthetically and functionally, outcome.

Organizing events is a challenge for her, as her unwavering desire is to satisfy her customers. She is not complacent until she realizes that her client’s dreams have come true and that she has managed to create indelible memories.

Logotupo Wedding Planner
Istoselida Wedding Planner Facebook

Visual depiction

In the logo, we designed two peacock feathers (a symbol of the goddess Hera in mythology), which form a circle, thus graphically imprinting the symbolic interpretation of the shape, paralleling it with the sense of completeness that supervenes through marriage. The H (Hera’s), which hosts W (Weddings), creates a common monogram for both words. The lines are fine and aristocratic appropriate for such a glamorous event like marriage.

The typography is in a classic style with serifs, giving prestige to a new brand and attributing a sense of confidence. The color palette is in pastel tones inspired by the sea, the sky of Santorini and the peacock feathers. Also, some golden details were added of the buildings and the gray color of the rocks of the volcano of Santorini.

Website For Wedding Planner Santorini
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The design of the website, meets all specifications for a responsive and easy navigation, and has been configured in a way that diffuses elegance. At the same time, it offers a pleasant user experience and user interface creating a graphical environment capable of adapting to different devices and receiving movement and interactivity. The white background used, balances between a perfectly elegant, minimal and clear outcome.

Through the white background, the photos are highlighted and distinguished on the site, thus drawing the attention of the visitor. Finally, the appropriate Call to Action buttons were used to achieve the conversion rate.

Wedding Planner Logo
Website Gia Wedding Planner Santorini

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