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Christos Mavraganis


The new project travel the new couples into a romantic world where the special personal moments of loved ones star. It is bright, it smells freshness, summer & sea.
After a tour of the new, renewed site of Christos Mavraganis, wedding photographer, you feel that a romantic film with a fairy-tale love story is played in an idyllic scenery in Santorini, Mykonos or Paris and gives you feelings such as relaxation, optimism & greatness of simplicity.

These were the feelings we wanted to transfer to the visitor of the site Rebranding took place at the same time while creating the website. The logo has been created to match harmoniously the style of the new website. Both in logo and site, pastel colors were softly used with simple details,chic fonts and minimal touches

These elements, combined with the white, clean background, presenting the photographer’s work with clarity, make the visitor to cultivate the feeling of virtue, tranquility and serenity in the visitor. The font used in the logo depicts the photographer’s signature as a personal stamp for each photographic project he delivers while elegant patterns were used for the site.

Easy scroll & menu, quick changes and speed add bonus of functionality to the site. Several call-to-action actions have also been used that prompt the visitor to read, see more and eventually communicate with the photographer.

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Kind words

Another fascinating cooperation with Designous was completed in the best way! I enjoyed every moment of our communication since it was extremely constructive and pleasant. They helped me a lot with their suggestions and their advices regarding the presentation of my work.

Extra bonus is their great knowledge of trends in the field of photography, which from the beginning, made me feel confident about the outcome.

The fact that the project was delivered on the scheduled delivery date, is something that is particularly appreciated by a professional, whose job depends heavily on the internet. Highly recommended

Xristos Mavraganis
Wedding Photographer
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