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The construction company “ERGOPLUS” based in Thessaloniki, is active in executing a wide range of private projects of increased requirements and complex know-how. The objective of the company is the maintenance of professional premises, the construction of technical works and the upgrading of existing building installations. The company, to date, has completed a significant number of projects, reflecting the passion and perseverance for high quality constructions.

Visual depiction

Building the visual identity of the technical company was another creative challenge for us. When designing the logo, our primary concern was the clear and absolute connection of the mark to the field of the business, construction.

Ergoplus Branding Logo
The idea
Ergoplus Branding Logo Idea

Based on this logic, we designed the initials of the company name, framed by a cube that symbolizes a building. The colors move towards the shades of neutral and conservative gray, expressing safety and reliability.

Ergoplus Branding Stationary 1
Ergoplus Branding Stationary 2


The designing of the website, signifies the new area of “ERGOPLUS” and aims to highlight its specialization and constructive adequacy. Having aesthetics and usability in mind, we have designed a fully responsive website, compatible with all mobile devices, which uniquely highlights the technical projects.

The design and development of the site was done carefully, focusing on details, making navigation easy and fast for visitors. We have created a whole environment where information and knowledge are at the heart of it.

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