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Pathos Food Supplier

The requested plan

The creation of a website for the Pathos food export company, based in London.

The story

The Pathos food company, was established at 2015, with the main purpose of supplying merchants, retail outlets, bakeries, delis and restaurants with the most successful and quality Greek products in the food sector (Xrisi Zimi, Mparmpa Stathis, Loux etc.). The company, imports these brands and selects certified, healthy and tasty products, having as a priority the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

The philosophy of the company, is formed around the word “pathos”, which is Greek and reflects the passion and desire of the company to offer true Greek flavors to the consumers of London. Pathos food, provides its customers with personalized services, respecting the market’s needs as well as the requirements of the food sector. Having at least 130 distribution points throughout England, it merchandises 10 of the best Greek brands with a range of two hundred products, with 15 quality guarantee certificates.

Sxediasmos Istoselidas Promitheutikis Etaireias Agglia (2)
Sxediasmos Istoselidas Promitheutikis Etaireias Agglia (3)


The website is basically an online showcase, where the products are placed in the forefront, keeping them categorized and enriched with all the necessary information that the customer would like to know (nutritional values, materials, way of cooking, way of maintenance etc.).

The site, was designed to provide an optimal, responsive navigation experience for any type of device (mobile, tablet, PC), ensuring a positive UX for its visitors, while allowing for two-way communication between the system and the user (user interface).

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