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Green Assets

GREEN ASSETS, based in Athens, “builds” your dreams, undertaking a wide range of engineering and construction services, in the most reliable way.

Visual depiction

Our purpose in the design was to graphically render a unique logo, appropriate to visually communicate both the broad character of the profession and the reliability that characterizes the company.

The color choices were based in the principle of GREEN ASSETS to implement its studies based on novelty and energy saving, choosing innovative materials and constructions of high standards, with respect for the environment. In particular, light green indicates immediacy and development, while at the same time predisposing the viewer for trust upon the brand. Gray symbolizes balance and practicality, elements that characterize the company.

Δημιουργία λογοτύπου μηχανολόγου
The idea
Green Assets Logo Idea

G & A & compass

The initials of the brand are imprinted graphically, in combination with the most basic geometric instrument, the compass, revealing the activity of the company.

Green Assets Branding 1
Green Assets Branding 2


The website for the construction company was created to meet all the requirements for a perfect presence on the internet. The aim was to highlight the numerous services provided, in a minimal way and to ensure a pleasant user experience (ux) when navigating from any device (responsive design).

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