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Eleni Tsachaki Dietitian


Eleni Tsachaki

Dietitian-nutritionist Eleni Tsachaki, offers inspiration and motivation to those who want to adopt healthier eating habits and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Visual depiction

We designed and developed the website for the nutritionist based on the interrelated relationship between nutrition and psychology. Through the design, a clear message is being passed regarding the effect that a balanced diet brings, while emphasizing on the positive feelings of well-being and self-confidence, as a consequence of a healthy diet.

We chose to present the categories of services provided separately, laying emphasis on the beliefs and special knowledge of the dietitian-nutritionist. We wanted the aesthetic outcome to be fully harmonized with the branding of the office. For this purpose and in combination with the minimal design, we chose pastel shades, on a white background, which enhance the feeling of tranquility and harmony.

The visitors of the website enjoy a pleasant navigation experience, which positively anticipates them, encouraging them at every point to take the desired action (make an appointment). The site is of course fully adapted to all devices (desktop – tablets – mobile).

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