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Website design for OCEDA Yacht Agency, dynamically occupied with yacht agency services, charters and cruise ships etc.

Visual depiction

The new online presence of the company, helps the public find and purchase professional sailing boats or plan their next voyage, easily and quickly. The dynamic website of the agency was designed based on market trends and requirements.

During the implementation of the project, our goal was to clearly reflect the services provided. We added extra visual effects to the site, which pique the visitor’s interest, imaginatively transporting him to the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The website is easy to use, flexible and fully responsive to all mobile devices, offering a pleasant and comfortable browsing experience to visitors.

We have also created AJAX Filtering for the yacht page so that the visitor can view only those that interest him.

Finally, since the purpose of every website is to appear first in Google search, all subpages were made following the best practices such as Semantic Markup, Schema Markup etc.

Digitale, the renowned company in the digital field, undertook the Digital Marketing.

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