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Atalanta Marine Luxury Yacht Agency


Atalanta Marine

Atalanta Marine is one of the largest and most successful yacht agencies, based in Elliniko-Athens. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, they are characterized as specialists in the sale of yachts and the provision of services related to yachts.

Visual depiction

We undertook the redesign of the business website, emphasizing on every detail, improving the level of service of visitors while browsing the site.

The new website of the company was adapted with custom design to its special features, presenting in detail the facilities and the yachts offered. The colors, photos and graphics used, were carefully selected and optimized for both the best visitor’s experience and the highest search engine rankings.

The outcome was the creation of a fast and easy to navigate website, with a modern presentation that stimulates the visitor’s interest.

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