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CK Design Lighting

“CK DESIGN LIGHTING” lighting design company, was created to provide high quality and unparalleled design services of indoor and outdoor lighting for a variety of applications. Its activity in the Greek as well as in the international market refers to hotels, shops, restaurants, residences etc., whose style and aesthetics are unique.

Visual depiction

The logo mark, is made up of lighting designer Cloe Kazamia’s initials, which are listed forming a ceiling lamp in direct correlation to the business field.

The linear style of the logo is in perfect balance with the typography chosen, reminiscent of light rays.

Ck Lighting Branding Logo
The idea
Ck Lighting Branding Idea

Throughout the editing of the brand image, we have used earthy, luminous colors that transfuse a calm and at the same time modern effect.

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Our agency edited the graphic part of the website, creating a thoughtful graphic environment, in line with the company’s expectations. The illustrations and figures presented make the presentation of the business services more attractive, arousing the interest of the visitors. The creative substance of CK DESIGN LIGHTING’s work is attributed in a way that serves the brand’s communication strategy.


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