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Tsontos Construction Company

The requested plan

The redesign of the corporate identity for MICHAEL M. TSONTOS SA, based in Chania, Crete.

The story

The MICHAEL M. TSONTOS SA, was established in 1996, to offer the highest possible quality of projects and services. Its object of activity is the ascension and implementation of private and public constructions.

Up until now, it has undertaken major projects (airports, NATO bases, Real Estate, etc.), ensuring a safe working environment.

New Logo Tsontos After
Old Logo Tsontos Before
Branding Tsontos

Visual depiction

Our agency, took on the rebranding of the technical company and the complete design of its corporate identity, preserving the colors of white, red and blue that preexisted.

The nautical-blue (sea) color, was used to attribute the values of trust, security and credibility that characterize the company. We combined this color with red, in order to accomplish the color burst in visual communication.

Regarding the logo design of the company, we retained certain elements such as the letter “M”, which resides in the letter “T”, presenting the initials of the owner’s full name.

Usb Tsontos
Web Tsontos
Mobile Tsontos


We also undertook the design of the new website for the technical company. Our goal was to highlight in the best possible way both the services provided by this company and its areas of activity.

On the basis of this, we designed a new responsive website in contemporary style, which pleasantly predisposes the visitor. In the site, several photos are diffused from the workplace, which reveal the overall image of the business and attract the user’s interest. In addition, the menu created is divided into distinct categories, offering an easy navigation experience. Finally, the website offers easy and fast scroll, guidance through CTAs and a pleasant user experience & user interface.

Cards Tsontos
Kranos Tsontos

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