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Nous Speech Therapy Center

The requested plan

Logo design as well as corporate identity design (business cards, appointment cards, mailing envelopes, folder, notebook and office signposting), for the center of speech therapy “Nous”.

The story

Speech therapy is the science that has as a known object the study, research and application of scientific knowledge about human communication and its disorders. Katerina specializes in the field of speech therapy and copes with all kinds of speech, communication, voice, feeding and ingestion disorders, providing specialized services.

Her main concern is the prevention, prognosis and diagnosis of developmental disorders while at the same time, she aims at the development of pure extracurricular and verbal communication. She loves her work and the kids and stays constantly up to date on the latest developments in the field of speech therapy.

Etairiki Tautotita Logotupo
Sxediasmos Epaggelmatikon Kartwn

Visual depiction

In the logo design for the speech therapy center, we used the dandelion, which has a plethora of symbolism’s. Initially, it is promptly linked to the treatment of emotional pain. Meanwhile, it embodies both emotional and spiritual intelligence, while symbolizing the survival of challenges and difficulties. In addition, it reveals the long-term well-being, youthful joy and fulfillment of desires.

In the typography design, we used clean, delicate lines without serifs that fit perfectly the delicate figure of the dandelion and subconsciously express the youthfulness of the ownership of the business. The letter Y derives from the extension of the dandelion’s branch, in a way that directly links the verbal to the main signal.

We depicted the dandelion by giving a sophisticated movement to its 3 petals, thus indicating the 3 therapies-wishes, which are also the slogan of the “Nous” speech therapy center (Speech, Learning, Development).
Regarding graphic design, we proceeded to a minimal, sophisticated and modern style with barely elements, emphasizing on the composition.
In the development of the identity, we retained the graphic style of the logo, framed by pink surfaces, which transfuse a friendly and intimate character.

Etairiki Tautotita Logotherapeutria
Branding For Speech Therapist

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