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Silver Silk

The eshop owned by Greek Designer Natasa Argyropoulou, trades beautiful silk scarves, digitally designed and printed on pure Soufli silk.


The designer’s desire was and remains the increase of online sales, the strengthening of brand awareness and the increase of organic traffic.

The collaboration with the Designous team for the SEO services started in July 2021 and the results became already visible from the first three months.

The Designous team during the implementation of SEO, proceeded to market and competition analysis, the optimization of the web pages for Google, as well as the audit and fix of technical problems, such as correcting URLs & improving the speed of the website.

We as well, implemented Product Image SEO to rank product images on the Google results page.

seo για eshop
Seo Gia Eshop (1)


In 3 months time:

  • Increase in website traffic from Organic Search +67%.
  • Increase in ranking keywords +130%.

Indicatively, below you can see the ranking of the website and images for the keywords “scarves vintage designs” and “black and white scarves”, which are two of the basic collections of the online store

seo για eshop
Seo Gia Eshop (3)

The goal of a website / eshop is to rise high in the Google Results Page, ranking for specific keywords in the industry. This way, the brand is promoted, gains credibility and there is a greater chance that a website visitor will be converted as a customer.

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