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Pellini Balsamic Vinegars

The requested plan

The packaging design for Pellini vinegars.

The story

Pellini is active in the trade of balsamic creams both in Greece and abroad. The company’s brand name was based on the homonymous village located in the south of Xylokastro, on the northeastern slopes of mount Killini (Ziria).

It produces excellent quality flavorings, in a variety of soft and delicate flavors, based on 100% natural fruit juices, which offer an unbelievable flavor on each plate.

Packaging Design For Balsamic Vinegar (2)
Sxediasmos Syskeuasias Valsamikou (3)

Visual depiction

The design of the commercial label and packaging undertaken by our office is based on an cheerful, playful design that suits the style of the business.

Both the colors and the choice of the typography create a simple set of labels designed to stimulate consumer’s interest.

We proceeded with designing the labels for Pellini’s vinegars, visualizing the different flavors it produces (peach, pomegranate, cranberry, fig, orange) in the corresponding coloring of the fruits.

This is an innovative and at the same time practical packaging, with a specially designed spout, which releases the creativity of each chef and utilizes the last drop of the substance.

The products are brought to life in the best possible way, acquiring the professional image and the commercial value they deserve.

Sxediasmos Syskeuasias Valsamikou (4)
Sxediasmos Syskeuasias Valsamikou (1)
Sxediasmos Syskeuasias Valsamikou (6)

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