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The requested plan

The rebranding and also the packaging for the Entelvais patisserie, in Corinth.

The story

Since 1988, the Chalikia family, has continued its successful course in the pastry industry, maintaining the taste and the quality of its sweets unwavering. Ingredients of their success are the passion, the love of the people for the art of confectionery and of course the fresh raw materials.

They conform the international trends and techniques in pastry making, but use elements from tradition, in order to offer imaginative, delicious sweets that fascinate and delight any palate. The Entelvais patisserie, has deservedly managed to build relationships of trust with its customers and become the ultimate tasting destination.

Etairiki Tautotita Zaxaroplasteiou
Etairiki Tautotita Zaxaroplastiou (2)

Visual depiction

For the design of the logo, fonts with serifs were used, indicating the seniority and the durability of the business. Trademark for the pastry shop constituted the two E, which were placed opposite to one another, in a way that depicts a cake. The color palette used to renew the brand, encompasses the bronze color, in combination with black & white backgrounds, giving the packaging an aristocratic and urbane style.

Patterns that include lines, dots and other graphic elements, were added to the packaging in order to give a premium yet playful style. We then completed the design of the corporate identity, by creating separate icons, which correspond to the various kinds of sweets of the patisserie.

Etairiki Tautotita Zaxaroplastiou (3)
Sxediasmos Suskeuasias Zaxaroplasteiou
Etairiki Tautotita Zaxaroplastiou (5)
Etairiki Tautotita Zaxaroplastiou (6)
I look forward to the next project!

As a confectioner, I live in a universe where time stops in front of a marise, a foe and a lot of chocolate! For me, to synchronize with the rhythms of Designous, was the most difficult part.

My own meaning of promptly, was for Vasilis and Margarita, the meaning of yesterday! They were more than consistent and made sure to keep in touch with me by any means: email, phone, meeting.

With moderate to failed collaborations in the past, their professionalism and passion for a perfect result quickly emerged! Thank you, team Designous. I look forward to the next project!

Ioanna Chalikia
Entelvais Patisserie

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