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INTECHROM is a Greek paint and varnish industry, with over 29 years of creative and successful work in the field. It is based in Xylokastro Corinthias and has important technological and scientific brilliance, which makes it stand out.

Visual depiction

“INTECHROM” a paint manufacturing company, commissioned us to renew the logo and modernize its corporate identity, as well as redesign the packaging of all its products.

Our agency, took on the redevelopment of the brand, giving a new style in the design of the trademark of the company, while retaining elements of its previous corporate identity.

Finally, we undertook the creation of the corporate website and also the management of the company’s social media (Facebook, Instagram).

Intechrom Logo New After
Intechrom Logo Old Before
Intechrom Packaging 4
Intechrom Packaging 5


During the designing of the website for the paint company Intechrom , we have taken into account all the elements to make its quality products as prominent as possible.

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