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Nikolas Building Construction Company

Nikolas Building

Nikolas Building LTD, based in Northampton of England, with more than 25 years of experience, undertakes all kinds of technical services, from plumbing failures, installation of heating systems to the complete renovation of homes or business premises, meeting the expectations of its customers.

Visual depiction

Our agency undertook the branding of the technical company, focusing on all the services provided, with minimal style.

The selected color palette in the corporate identity – orange and charcoal gray – was used to emphasize on the concepts of security, comfort and reliability that characterize the business. The business cards and the whole corporate identity were created in order to work consistently with the simple aesthetics of Nikolas Building.

The idea
Logo Idea

In the logo the shape of the house in combination with the measuring strip, reveal the activity of the company. The initials of the brand are included.

Branding 1
Branding 2


A professionally designed website upgrades a business, differentiating it in the market. For this purpose and based on the highly competitive market of England, we designed a modern and responsive website, fully adapted to the company’s philosophy.

The simplicity in the design makes the user experience pleasant and relaxing, serving his every need with just one click. When designing the website, we focused on conversion: every element of the website was designed to lead visitors to do the right action.

As a responsibility of our agency, apart from the design, was also the content creation for the website, aiming at the recognition of the company and the promotion of its services in the best possible way.

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