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Mykonos Earth Luxury suites


Mykonos Earth

Each of the luxurious “MYKONOS EARTH” suites offers unparalleled comfort, composing the most elegant accommodation proposal.

The elegant design and light colors create the most appropriate summer vacation haven to welcome visitors to a world of total relaxation and tranquility in Mykonos.

Visual depiction

The rationale behind the logo design is directly linked to the elements of the earth, the island and the building, which are imprinted throughout the branding, highlighting the promise of personalized, authentic hospitality in a luxury environment.

The new visual identity of “MYKONOS EARTH” hotel retains a cosmopolitan style, which is in tune with the modern design of the suites, aspiring to cover the ever evolving needs of the traveller to the island of winds.

Mykonos Earth Logo
The idea
The idea for the logo

The earthy colors used, enhance the visitor’s sense of calm and relaxation, while the fonts are delicate in keeping with the minimal style of the space.

εφαρμογές εταιρικής ταυτότητας
εφαρμογές της εταιρικής ταυτότητας που δημιουργήσαμε


Letterhead, envelopes, folders, documents, inscription, brochures etc. were designed giving a special value to the hotel’s corporate identity, signaling the company’s extroversion strategy.

Landing page
σχεδιασμός εταιρικής ταυτότητας

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