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Moraitis winery is based in Nemea and is active in the production of agiorgitiko wine. With the transmission of the management to the newest member of the family, Stamatis begins a period of renewal and modernization for the winery.

Our office worked for the winery’s new website and the design of the new corporate identity.

The design of winery’s corporate identity was based on the colors that characterize a winery and the wider region of ​​Nemea.

Visual depiction

Regarding the website structure, we included all the sections that should be mentioned for the winery, such as the wine-growing area to which it belongs, the facilities and production figures. We also added to the site all the information we needed to emphasize such as Nemea, the history and the family tradition of the winery. The site was designed in minimal style, with the absolutely necessary information to be mentioned so not to tire the reader and replicate it.
Since the winery works with pre-orders, we also designed a special section where interested parties can complete their details.

Oinopoieia Etairiki Tautotita Website (3)
Oinopoieia Etairiki Tautotita Website (3)
Oinopoieia Etairiki Tautotita Website (3)
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Excellent collaboration and immaculate work!

We worked together in order to create a corporate identity and a website and I have to say that I am more than satisfied.

Excellent environment, professionalism, quick service and innovative ideas. That is what a business needs for its promotion.


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