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“KRASIS” → from the ancient Greek word: κρᾶ (σις), which is the result of mixing liquids. The company, based in Ancient Corinth, produces authentic ancient Greek products, following recipes of ancient Greek physicians, such as Galen.

Visual depiction

Our Agency undertook the design of the logo as well as the packaging for “Krasis” company, with the aim of promoting its ancient Greek identity.

The color palette is based on red-shaped vessels. In particular, the earthy colors of the clay refer to a natural, pure product that comes from Mother Nature.

Krasis Logo
The idea
Krasis Logo Idea

The logo refers to the mixing and stirring of liquids, while reminding us of the ancient spiral decoration that we find in various vessels, such as craters.

Krasis Branding 1
Krasis Branding 2


We also edited the packaging design of the two products produced by the company: Oxymeli (drink from honey and vinegar) & Melikraton (honey syrup).

Krasis Packaging


The construction of a custom website served to highlight in the best possible way, the original products of the company, while the style of the website is fully harmonize with the corporate identity.

The One Page website we designed has easy and fast navigation, automatic adaptation to mobile and tablet, while at the same time it is friendly to search engines, boosting the company’s brand.

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