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Studio 5

The men’s clothing store STUDIO 5 in Corinth is a synonym of comfort and discreet luxury. Having the most remarkable fashion brands, it is an ideal choice for the modern man with personality who dares to stand out every moment of the day.

Visual depiction

The new logo of the men’s clothing store, visualizes the elegance and dynamism of the fashionable man who takes care of his appearance and seeks the most out of his stylistic choices.

When redesigning the logo, we focused on the initials of the brand name – S 5 – while graphically stamping the ♖ tower figure of the chess, we achieved the connection with the chessboard shop floor and hence the brand.

Typographical characters emphasize refinement, inclining the consumer towards the high quality products of unparalleled aesthetic offered at the store.

Studio5 Branding Logo
The idea
Studio5 Branding Idea

The ultimate goal of the design approach was the differentiation from the competition and brand awareness of STUDIO 5 in an industry that requires innovation proposals.

Studio5 Branding 3
Studio5 Branding 4


For the design of the corporate identity and its applications (business card, gift card, shopping bag) we have relied on the inventive logo, which combines the sense of luxury with the “strategic choice” of clothing. The design details overall create a meticulous result that matches the store’s dynamic and premium character, welcoming the male audience into the magical world of fashion, a world full of style.

Studio5 Branding 5

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