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“Montezuma” was the last emperor of the Aztecs. He, like any emperor, organized daily and lavishly symposiums. So was the homonymous all day bar on Kalamia beach in Corinth, created, to offer absolute moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

Visual depiction

Our agency undertook the presentation of the philosophy and style of the business, through the abstract illustration of the emperor.

Ethnic details serve the needs of the concept, complementing the whole range of the corporate identity, giving an overall elegant result that perfectly fits perfectly with the space.

The golden color of the sand symbolizes tranquility, luxury and gives a relaxing and harmonious feeling to the whole branding.

Montezuma Logo
The idea
Montezuma Logo Idea

Influenced by the historical references to Montezuma and the minimal decoration of the bar, we designed a modern linear logo.

Montezuma Branding 1
Montezuma Branding 2

In addition to the logo, we created a qr scan menu, in order to enable online catalog viewing for contactless orders amid Covid-19.

We also designed business cards, cocktail list, beach cards, the store’s signage, the coming soon page of the site and other small applications.

Montezuma Branding 3

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