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Anna Liamo

Anna Liamo Bartling, full of positive energy, inducts her audience to the magical world of beauty and well-being. The beauty center based in Lesvos, stands out since 2006, offering beauty and relaxation treatments for face and body.

Visual depiction

Regarding the designing of the visual identity, we chose a handwritten serif font which transfuses prestige and reliability to the brand.

Our aim was to transmit the experience and the knowledge of the owner, in a minimal, modern yet timeless design, reflecting the continuous evolution of the services provided.

The colors of the corporate are pastel and uniquely capture the harmony and romance, elements that perfectly characterize the owner. Green is the pre-eminent color of nature – it symbolizes natural beauty – while representing life and renewal. Pink, on the other hand, expresses innocence and serenity.

Anna Liamo Branding Logo
The idea
Anna Liamo Branding Logo Idea

The abstract “A” is completed in design with the personal signature of the aesthetician, emphasizing on her many years of experience and specialization in the field.

Anna Liamo Branding 1
Anna Liamo Branding 2

The flowers in the design reveal an elegant corporate identity, complementing the overall aesthetics and style of the business.

We also designed the business cards, corporate folder, bag, gift wrapping and appointment card.

Anna Liamo Branding 3
Anna Liamo Branding 4
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