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Lalousis company was founded in 2009 in Zevgolatio of Corinth operating in production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oil.

Lalousis company’s logo is based on the distinctive shape of olive leaves in a more exuberant version. The company’s basic need was the right promotion of its product, that’s why we emphasized on the concept of the packaging for each variety of olive oil separately.

Lalousis company’s website has all the characteristics of a proper corporate page. A brief description of the operation and a detailed presentation of its products summarize the identity of the company, fully dressed with realistic pictures of the facilities, the production site and its products. Meaningfulness, easy access and functionality are the main features of its website and therefore its corporate character.

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Kind words

My collaboration with Designous on the redesign of the logo, on the labels of the packages for olive oil and on the design of the company’s website.

The experience was pleasant, we have had communication on a regular basis, there was strict adherence to timetables and professionalism in the whole implementation of the project.

Giannis Lalousis
Olive Oil

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