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“Stimoni” in Greek refers to all of the yarn along the loom parallel to it, between which the weft is knitted vertically. The inspiration for handmade creation and the love of weaving art led to the birth of this slow fashion brand as an alternative to fast fashion.

Visual depiction

The concept of the logo design, revolved around the authenticity of the creations and the overall ecological philosophy of the brand (only natural raw materials are used). The owner’s love and respect for the environment has been a key pillar of the design for us.

Stimoni Branding Logo
The idea
Stimoni Branding Logo Idea

Graphic placement of the initial letter “S” between the loom’s textile fibers causes the viewer a fair visual stimulus. The green color chosen throughout the corporate identity is mild and passes a clear message of environmental

Stimoni Branding Folder Envelope Cards
Stimoni Branding Tags Box Sticker


Our agency took over the online presence of “Stimoni” weaving workshop, where the attention to detail and creative sense of the designer are reflected. The site is fully responsive and perfectly serves the brand communication strategy. Its visitor can easily and quickly learn about the brand’s philosophy and get a visual taste of the unique handmade weavers.

The e-shop is a continuation of the brand identity. In overall design, overblown design elements are absent. Typography is classic and timeless, just like the creations-masterpieces. The discreet and at the same time harmonious movement in navigation facilitates the user experience.

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