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My name is


The requested plan

The redesign of the corporate identity and the logo of My name is gift shop, a shop that operates in Thessaloniki and in the Market Place Etsy shop.

The story

Maria Balta, owner of the 4 kids Mom shop, having obtained great recognition both in Thessaloniki and in the rest of Greece, in handmade and personalized gift items, wanted to renew its image and give its products a distinct and apt corporate identity, in order to gain extroversion (creating a new e-shop Etsy).

συσκευασία για κατάστημα δώρων


Etsy Gift Shop Etairiki Tautotita Sxediasmos Suskeuasias (1)

The visual depiction

Designous, accepted the challenge and moved on to the redesign of a unique and distinctive logo for the shop. Considering the handmade constructions and the nature of the field of the business, the canvas of our creation was the craft pattern. The graphic used to imprint the name of the business, expresses immediacy, simplicity and was coordinated with the depiction of the bow, in order to refer to the gift.

Etsy Gift Shop Etairiki Tautotita Sxediasmos Suskeuasias (7)
Etsy Gift Shop Etairiki Tautotita Sxediasmos Suskeuasias (5)
packaging for gift shop

The logo, was applied to product labels, packing boxes, business cards as well as the thank-you note, successfully completing the professional image of «My name is». All the prints were made on craft paper and the color pallet used, composed of dark brown color and mint color, in order to blend harmoniously with the whole philosophy of «My name is».


Kind words

I discovered Designous team through the internet when I searched for a creative agency. At the beginning, I was skeptical, first of all because I did not know them and secondly because I was not sure that the whole project of designing a logo and a corporate identity from distance could be achieved.

The outcome, however, exceeded every expectation. They are professionals. Regarding consistency, which matters to me, they where flawless. Margarita, who designed the logo, was perfectly cooperative and never complained about the changes that I constantly made.

During the printing process, which I also entrusted them, one or two defects that arose, without a second thought, they insisted on reprinting (without additional charges, of course).

The result of their whole work was immaculate! In case I ever need something again, I will certainly appeal to the Designous team

Maria Mpalta
My name is
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