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Georgios Lafazanis Winery

The requested plan

The designing of the website of Georgios Lafazanis winery.

The story

The long-standing relationship of the G. Lafazanis family with wine has been rooted since 1950, when the cultivation of the vine began. The years that followed, the endless effort as well as the dedication, consolidated the winery Georgios Lafazanis in the area. Today, the family holds the reins of one of the most dynamic enterprises in our country, denaturing and producing high quality wines.

δημιουργία ιστοσελίδας για οινοποιείο
ιστοσελίδα για οινοποιείο
website οινοποιείου


For the website, we used minimal elements, highlights and layers, keeping it clean and functional, designating the products in a modern style.

The colors of gold, gray and white were chosen because they exude confidence and tranquility, expressing the character of the winery. We’ve improved the user experience by making the website easy and simple while achieving a high conversion rate. We have ensured that all texts are friendly to both readers and search engines (SEO). Meanwhile, we have set up a very well-organized user interface that works very well across the range of devices, ensuring a better user experience.

Designous has also taken on the management of Social Media at the winery (Facebook & Instagram), helping to development of the business objectives. By using appropriate content, we transfer to the audience-customers, the values and the philosophy of the business. Additionally, the use of the right graphics, images and videos that accompany the comprises an attraction for visitors to the pages.

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