Μaria Sfakianaki, wedding planner, organizes international weddings in Santorini, Athens and different destinations all over Greece and abroad. So, her website should be informative, competitive, impressive so that the future couples would choose her and book their wedding even if they are on distance.

This is where we helped her by designing and constructing her new website with aegean air. The website’s style is absolutely harmonized with the clearity of an island’s colors. Tiny details of rose gold and black- very discretive- underline some site’s sections by making the difference. The fonts appear to be faint, in order to transfer the feeling of tranquility & calmness to the visitor.

Last but not least, we emphasized on SEO, with keywords that distinguish through the intense competition and make santoweddingsbymk to appear in the first page of user’s searches.

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Kind words

Having conducted a big research on the market, having met Designous, without a second thought, I decided to let them design my new website.

We had an unbelievable cooperation and the outcome was magnificent! They understood from the very first moment what I had in mind and curated even the smallest specificity I asked for!

All of them are very punctual, cooperative and after communicating with them, you can feel that one completes the other, that’s what team work is all about! The webpage was promptly ready, much sooner than I had expected. I think I was the one to delay them, while having to gather the necessary material! Continue to be creative!! Thank you!!!

Maria Sfakianaki
Wedding planner
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