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The Mariquita elegantyarns store in Thessaloniki is the sanctuary of yarns and quality handmade knitwear. With more than 200 different threads, invites us into a magical world, a world where knitting is not just a hobby.

Visual depiction

The owner of this business wanted to create the image and the prestige of its business. She, therefore, addressed Designous for the complete configuration of the brand.

The logo design, the corporate identity design and also the eshop design for Mariquita elegantyarns.

Elegant Yarns Logo
The idea
Elegant Yarns Logo Idea

With the ladybug, as a symbol of good fortune and positive energy, we proceeded to the design of the logo, adding elements that refer to the art of knitting. In particular, the yarn as the main body of the ladybug and the pins as its antennae were depicted graphically. The choice of colors wasn’t random, the pink color expresses femininity and romance, while the gold radiates a creative and positive aura. The font chosen to accompany the brand is youthful, inspiring optimism, positive energy and harmoniously framing the rest of the composition.

The integrated business picture was completed, by the corresponding business cards, letterheads, product labels, wrapping paper and packaging products.

Elegant Yarns Branding 1
Elegant Yarns Branding 2
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We created an eshop with modern and responsive design that offers a pleasant navigation experience for visitors (ux, ui). We have emphasized on the classification of products using the pink color, the composition of which has to do with the blending of the excitation of the red color with the serenity of the white.

The construction of Mariquita elegantyarns eshop, establishes the business on the Internet, offering prestige and credibility. It also provides search engine optimization (SEO), speed and optimal product and order management.

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