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E-shop design for pharmacy – E-shop design for online pharmacy – Construction of an online store for a pharmacy

The construction of an online store for a pharmacy, modernizes a business, while it constitutes a competitive investment.

As in any eshop construction, so as in the eshops for pharmacies, the design must be done with special emphasis placed on detail, based on the unique characteristics of the pharmacy.

Based on the suggestions of our customer, from Kalamata, we aesthetically designed the home page and subpages of the online pharmacy

The loading speed of an online store is a fundamental factor in its success. So we focused on the quick and easy scroll, emphasizing ux (user experience). After all, customers want to use a functional eshop so that they can make their purchases easily and quickly.

The Pharmasteps online store provides users with the necessary keyword search tools, special filters for each product category and presentation of the immediate results, so they can choose the products they want.

Using SEO techniques, it is even easier to showcase the online pharmacy in the first results of Google in important keywords such as: “anatomical shoes”.

The ease of use of the eshop when ordering, allows the seamless payment and registration of shipping items.

Ultimately, the color palette used in the design of the pharmacy eshop, is fully harmonized with the corporate identity of the pharmacy.

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