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Ennea St.

The redesign of the logo and the packaging for the Ennea St. Coffee, located in Zografou.

Ennea café, opened at September 2015 and managed very quickly to conquer the area, which is overwhelmed by students and many businesses. Both its key location and its distinctive coffee, makes Ennea, the place to be. It inputs to its audience, plenty of delicious choices such as: coffees, ice tea, Marvelous Chocolate Marchoc, ice pops, natural juices, refreshers, organic tea and various fresh, handmade, sweet or salty, high quality snacks for all tastes.

Visual depiction

Designous, designed the new corporate image of Ennea St. Coffee, seeking to empower its brand.

Based on the art form of the store, our team designed the logo, as well as all the necessary materials (coffee cups, product catalog, packaging and business cards), enhancing this way, the Ennea St. Coffee brand. At the logo, the number 9 emerges, pointing out the address of the store. In addition, we used the coffee drinker, so as to associate the old logo with the new one.

Concerning the package design, emphasis was given on black and yellow, two colors important for visual communication of the place. Black, which belongs to the neutral color category, was used in order to give depth and 3 dimensions to the packaging, while creating a sense of reliable and quality product.

Furthermore, the yellow color is used in order to attract attention and give vivacity to the object, pleasantly attracting the observer and waking his cheerful mood for coffee.

Etairiki Tautotita Kai Syskeuasia Kafe (2)
Etairiki Tautotita Kai Syskeuasia Kafe (4)
Etairiki Tautotita Kai Syskeuasia Kafe (1)
Etairiki Tautotita Kai Syskeuasia Kafe (3)

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