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The brands

The brands” store is a hallmark of women’s clothing in Corinth. Here, fashion has the first say! Modern designer clothes,that faithfully follow the trends of the time, without sacrificing their uniqueness though. “The Brands”, invites the modern woman to renew her style and rock her appearance at any time of the day.

Visual depiction

Our agency undertook the creation of the e-shop for the women’s clothing store. The e-shop is ultimately a digital showcase, from where the visitor can easily find and buy the clothes/accessories/shoes he desires, from the brand of his choice. The unique creations of the famous designers are presented as an artistic canvas, leaving a diffuse sense of elegant luxury and femininity. The design lines highlight the products in the best possible way while symbols and cta facilitate the sale.

Easy interactivity and clear navigation ensure an easy-to-use user interface (ui) and a completely enjoyable navigation experience (ux), instantly meeting the needs of the public for shopping therapy, creating a unique customer journey.

With an emphasis placed on detail and perfect aesthetics, we invested in the responsive design of the e-shop, designing functional interface environments for each device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) or browser.

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