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Markellos Olive mill

The requested plan

Logo design, corporate identity as well as website design for the advanced Markellos olive mill

The story

The Markellos olive mill, comprises a heritage of four generations and since 1932 has been using the most precious fruit of Greek land, the olive tree, always with respect and love. With a solid philosophy, based on the exceptional quality of olive oil, its high organoleptic characteristics and natural crops, the main objective of the company is the promotion and recognition of Greek extra virgin olive oil worldwide.

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The visual depiction

The logo design for the olive mill was created on the basis of the shape of the olive tree. Inside the shape, inheres an illustration of a fruitful branch, which completes the semiology. The oval imperfect shape highlights the natural product, while at the same time refers to a speck, an ancient coin or an imprint of signet, concepts that transfuse credibility and emphasize on tradition. The outline was designed in a way that connects and complements the packaging of “Soligea” product of the mill.

The tagline used to accompany the logo, focuses on both the product and the year of establishment of the company.

The corporate identity for the olive mill was designed in the colors of green and white, thus emphasizing the element of nature.

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The website design for Markellos olive mill, was designed in accordance to the customer’s instructions and was created to meet the needs of the company’s visibility while meets all the specifications of an integrated corporate website.

At, we have implemented a modern, minimal and clean design, with enough white space, so that the user can find what he wants with one click.

Easy-to-read fonts, images and content, analyze business philosophy and products while contributing to a well-organized user interface and good user experience. In addition, the website is fully responsive on all screens with easy navigation and fast scrolling.

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Excellent organization level and high quality of service!

I cooperated with Designous team in order to create my corporate identity and my corporate website. I was pleased with their professionalism, creative ideas and consistency in the timetable. Excellent organization level and high quality of service!

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