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Silver Noses

Originating from Mykonos, the siblings Markos & Doris Asimomitis, decided to make their love of hospitality a profession, by creating 3 lodgings – true Cycladic gems, in the heart of little Venice. These apartments are also available on the Airbnb platform.

Always with the aim of excellent service, they ensure that visitors to the “island of winds” have an unforgettable accommodation experience.

Visual depiction

The inspiration for creating the logo was for us the surname of the owners “Asimomiti”, which we translated into English as “Silver Noses”.

Based on the above, and considering the fact that the owners are two siblings, we illustrated a nose, which arises from the reflection of number 2, thus transfusing a double notation to the signal.

Silvernoses Branding 1
The idea
Silvernoses Branding 2

The shade of silver is rendered through the solid grey, which we used as a secondary color in the overall design of the corporate identity.

Εταιρική ταυτότητα Μύκονος
Εταιρική ταυτότητα Μύκονος


We undertook the designing of a responsive website, providing information on the accomondations and the facilities, accompanied by extensive photographic material.

We placed special emphasis on browsing, in order to create a unique user experience (ux). In the booking form, the visitor can easily submit a request for the accommodation of his choice during the time he is interested in visiting Mykonos.

Moreover, we added customer reviews, giving credibility to the tourism business, thus helping the website’s effectiveness and maximizing bookings.

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