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The requested plan

Logo design, corporate identity design as well as packaging design for a limited edition premium Corinthian olive oil, Qoppa.

The story

“Qoppa | Κόππα “is a letter of the early Greek alphabets between π and ρ, which equaled sound with κ. The idea for the brand name of the business, stems from the ancient Corinthian coin, which Pegasus was imprinted, the main symbol of ancient Corinth. The company is involved in the production of extra pure virgin olive oil in the wider region.

Qoppa Packaging 1
Qoppa Packaging 2

Visual depiction

Regarding the logo design of the olive oil production company, we graphically created a modern version of the ancient coin. We sustained the basic figure of the horse (Pegasus), using a stylization technique.

The typography that we Illustrated, has a clear reference to the ancient writing, but in more legible letters and matches evenly with the brand. The warm shades of green (the color of environment, nature and balance) are perfectly in harmony with the product, the olive oil.

The corporate identity we have designed for the olive oil production company is based on a minimal, modern style, which fully enhances the newly established brand and its philosophy.

The approach we followed in packaging design leaves an abstract mood, emphasizing on the basic elements of the product, its brand name, the dyed bottle and the wooden details.

Qoppa Packaging 3
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We received something beyond our imagination

We found Designous team looking for a graphic designer in the Corinthian region. With their first “attempt” to communicate with them, their consistency, accuracy and quality came out.

The material we gave them got all their attention (while running lots of big projects at the same time), and we soon received something beyond our imagination, with creative and imaginative ideas, close to the goal we had set! When we needed extra material, the whole team always supported us with immediacy and precision.

I suggest you get to know them and prefer them! Margarita, Vasili thank you very much! We will come back soon…

Filio Theodorou
Owner of Qoppa company

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