The requested plan

Logo design, corporate identity and packaging for Zodorart, a company that is occupied with the creation of handcrafted jewelry.

The story

Zodorart is a family venture. The family from Thessaloniki, has been working in the field of handmade jewelry for years. She uses her imagination, creativity and love for the item, offering unique handcrafted jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings with semi-precious stones, of high quality and aesthetics.

Zodorart Branding Packaging5
Zodorart Branding Packaging4

The visual depiction

The brand name, was impressed into the logo, with a handwritten font to highlight the concept of the handmade but also the romantic style of the business. A gold necklace was formed with prominent buckles at its edges with heart-shaped pendants to provide a direct connection to the bonding of the family and the value of the jewelery.

As a tagline, we used the phrase “unique stylish handcrafts”, to emphasize on the uniqueness of the handmade creations of the business.
The color palette is made up of purple and blue shades, while the predominant element in typography, is the element of gold, which reveals the luxury of the jewelery.
In the corporate identity, modern design meets marble as the basis of most applications. Flowers and semi-precious stones were added to “decorate” and carry on promptly the business philosophy.

Sxediasmos Epaggelmatikon Karton
Zodorart Branding Packaging1
Zodorart Branding Packaging6
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