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Epitimon Kebab Shop

The requested plan

Logo design, corporate identity as well as packaging design for the kebab shop “Epitimon”.

The story

A kebab shop in Patras, convey us to another era, offering the most delicious, authentic and traditional recipes, always with love and passion. Flavors from the East, picante aromas and spices are carefully chosen to create handmade meals, worthy of the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

Etairiki Tautotita Kebaptzidikou (3)
Etairiki Tautotita Kebaptzidikou (4)

Visual depiction

In the designing of the corporate identity of the grill, our agency has developed a brand that attributes prestige and class, while at the same time showcases and highlights the aesthetics of the area, with elements of classy vintage. Wanting to emphasize on the style of the decoration with the rails, we focused on the delicate elements. The design is conservative and at the same time contemporary, befitting the style of the store.

We introduced modern elements through typography, so that as a whole, it exudes severity and prestige.

In coloring, we focused on the elegant black, giving a slightly lighter color shade, to make it more accessible and friendly. The black was used in the brand name of the shop, in order to transfuse credibility. As second color, we chose the gold-bronze, thus highlighting the vintage item.

The font we used, has contemporary serifs that make the effect of maintaining a classic and elite style.

Εταιρική ταυτότητα κεμπαπτζίδικου
Etairiki Tautotita Kebaptzidikou (5)
Etairiki Tautotita Kebaptzidikou (1)

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