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A gastro-bar different from the usual, in the most beautiful part of Kiato, is looking forward to welcoming you.

Brand Naming

Mavadda means ⇢ love, addiction, friendship, intimacy, harmony. The choice of the brand name for the bar, was mainly based on the positive vibes and emotions that the owners want for the visitors to feel, from the very first time. Meanings that are also their core values.

Visual depiction

The source of inspiration for the creation of the logo for the bar, were the plate and the glass of the cocktail, which refer directly to a gastro-bar. Regarding the logo, typography without serifs was chosen, with clean, simple lines and capital letters equal in thickness to derive prestige, elegant style and professionalism. Semiologically and following the owners request, the logo is evenly separated (in value) and visualizes the 2 aspects of the services provided: in the creation of food and drink correspondingly.

The color palette of the brand as well as the minimal style in the whole branding, result from the design of the space, done by the architects Penny Batalia & Konstantina Bompola. More specifically, the terracotta that was used as a basic color, retains the beneficial properties of the red color, giving warmth and comfort. In addition, cypress is intertwined with the concepts of warmth and prosperity, while gold has a positive radiance that promotes harmony. The marble effect on the whole corporate identity gives a modern, modern result.

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