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Visionaire Mykonos Lifestyle Management

The requested plan

Logo design, corporate identity design for the luxury travel and lifestyle management company, “Visionaire Mykonos”, based in Mykonos.

The story

The startup business “Visionaire Mykonos”, is a personal vision of Melissa Stratigeas, a young, highly traveled Greek-Canadian with particular love for the island of the winds.

Based on her own travel experiences, along with a qualified team of young, connoisseurs of tourism, they get above the wider range of hospitality on the island, from moving, to the conducted tour with luxurious means of transport, to the most spectacular occult destinations, to the most enchanting beaches of the Cyclades, making the dream of every visitor a reality.

The main concern of the company, is to provide VIP complete tour packages of high-quality services, of unparalleled quality and discreet luxury to the island’s visitors.

Branding Design Lifestyle Management Company
Branding Design Lifestyle Management Company (2)

Visual depiction

Our agency, undertook the logo design, emphasizing on the style and the philosophy of “Visionaire Mykonos”. The composition emerged from the 2-letter, “V” & “M”, which constitute the initials of the brand name, thus suggesting the direct correlation of the concepts.

The color palette of the corporate identity, was based in the tones of gold, white and blue, symbolizing the sun, Cyclades and the sea, while representing luxury, tranquility and happiness.

Visionaire Branding 3
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After the completion of the corporate identity and in the company’s general communication strategic plan, Designous, proceeded to the designing & development of the company’s website, aiming at the visual presentation of their offered services.

We have created a dynamic website with modern design and functional character, where the information is formed, instant and easy to access by the visitor. The design is minimal and 100% responsive, offering a pleasant ui & efficient ux.

Visionaire Branding 6
Visionaire Branding 7

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